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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our plane landed in San Francisco at midnight on Wednesday and my head hit the pillow close to 2am. I could still hear the music in my head. The music that welcomed us to New Orleans on Friday, that same music we heard at every corner and bar and that same music that played during our last cab ride back to the airport.

We spent the last couple of day in New Orleans and we just fell in love with everything about this little city. The people, music and the food, oh the food. 


Cafe Du Monde

Little pillows of deliciousness

Evidence left behind; the birds were loving it. 

Not ours but I had to take a photo, look at the amount of sugar left behind. 

Loved their tiny cups.

Not only is driving hectic but parking is definitely a struggle, glad we walked everywhere

White Linen Night

Art, food and booze.

Pretty neat to see a little bit of San Jose over here.

We found this little market one night. Local artist selling handmade goods. 

Not the best photo but it was my favorite night of the trip. This was around 1 am when we had fresh baked pizza from a pirate ship. The captain was making the pizza in his painted chest grill, it was perfect, oh the memories.

The smile when someone knows you're taking yet another picture of them.

Such a cute couple.

Almost took one of these guys home.


It's almost as if he stopped for a quick picture.

We sat down for a quick break and photographed a couple of guys skating. 

Plantation Tours

We spent our Monday on a tour to a couple different plantations. These homes were beautiful, such a sight and so much history.

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