The Zoo in The City

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sometimes it's so wonderful to get away; when the opportunity strikes to leave the busyness and constant rush of our lives to find something that slows down our pace. Last month a friend and I did just that. We packed our cameras, film and headed for the city. It had been raining all week so we were fortunate enough that the weather was just right and no rain. This trip was both lovely and sad. It was my first trip to the zoo and I was in awe at all the beautiful creatures both big and small. At the start of our little expedition we saw so much greenery, large enclosures and the animals seemed to be enjoying their stay there. As we made our way trough the park, snapping away photos left and right. We came across larger animals confined to these small spaces. I am sure that they are treated very well and probably were born into the this environment but I guess naturally my heart just felt sad for them. As I looked through the glass and over the wire fences at the bears, I daydreamed about the ocean, the forest and how large those environments are in comparison to here and I wondered if they too were daydreaming.

(Here are some photos from our trip, I have yet to develop the film but will share as soon as am able to)

after the zoo we headed to Ghirardelli for some ice-cream :) 

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