Right before October ends

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Like all my post this one too is delayed (I'm working on that).  We actually headed up to San Francisco right before October actually began to the SF Fashion Expo and the Oktoberfest by the bay. I had not been to either and it had been awhile since we had taken the train up to the city. 

The day started really chilly from what I remember, there was overcast and the chances of rain was a given. We packed our coats and umbrella and boarded the early train. As we passed through the cities between San Jose and San Francisco, the rain began to pour down. I would switch back and forth from staring out the window to working on my knitting. 

When we got to San Francisco it was really not what we expected. The weather was almost too warm to wear a sweater. But not warm enough to turn down a warm cup of chai and a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup (my favorite). We walked from one event to the other, enjoying the weather, our surroundings and each other's company. 

I hope you enjoy the photos from yet another one of our little adventures.


Little boy waving good bye to the people on the train.

SF Vintage Fashion Expo

Loved this so much.

It was on my list to buy a swim cap this year but with summer over I'll just have to wait till next year.

I couldn't help buying one of these, however I have not found the right occasion to wear it to.

This was super neat but we did not have a clue where they were going. 

We could say this cloud it feeling a bit confused at the moment. 

Oktoberfest By The Bay

This made me laugh.

Look at all his mugs!


Too funny!