The many skies of Seattle

Monday, July 8, 2013

We were excited and so ready for our much needed vacation. Just a few weeks ago we did not know where we were spending 4th of July at. I just knew that I wanted it to be somewhere different, somewhere that was far from home. Seattle came up and the planning started, a trip to the recycled book store, two one-way plan tickets and a 24-hour train ride back; we were set. 

I came back feeling as though I had been gone for longer than a  few days. My camera memory filled with photos and video clips. I flipped through the photos feeling as though everything had just been one big, beautiful endless day. The skies constantly changing. The sun making it's way past the clouds to warm our faces while the slight breeze kept us cool.

We walked so many blocks, miles seemed short as we made our way through Seattle. With each walk or break we took I felt as though the weight of the busy work weeks was just lifting. We listened to all the street musician and just smiled at each other. I was happy and I knew he was too. 

Supper before our plane takes off.

We first saw the Public Market sign walking to the hostel where we stayed.

I left my phone in a black unmarked car 
(luckily J spotted the car as he was taking off from the original place he picked us up. What are the chances?)

 "You can't eat the photos!"

At the first Starbucks. (We had already combined our name back home).

So many flowers, I wanted to bring them all home.

 There were trees growing from inside the building.

 The clouds rolling in, the ever so changing skies.

Funny glasses.

 I knew he wanted to just take them all.

Yummy crepes, as usual we bought a sweet and a savory one. Banana Foster's and Grilled Chicken.

The weather was so perfect that Vader left Disneyland to be in Seattle.

 A fire broke out in one of the boat storage yards, right before the fireworks.

 But the show went on. (It was not until close to 11 PM since the sun took a bit longer to set).

 Breakfast of champs, we were ready for the 24-hour train ride ahead.

One hour stop in Eugene, Oregon or was it Portland?
Since we didn't need a smoke break we took a little walk.

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